About Me

Welcome to JuliasProperties.Com. Please take a few moments to browse through my website and familiarize with the features and the services I provide. Whether you are selling, buying or exchanging your investment properties, or buying a vacation/second home, you can feel confident that my 34+ years of full time experience in the real estate industry will be a smooth transaction and stress free closing.

Aside from the above, below are other services I provide:

  1. Assist any buyer to find and or connect to a lender with a lot of experience and knowledge on all the financing available to suit each buyer financial situation or circumstances.
  2. Offer free advice and assistance on loan modification and foreclosure.
  3. Free consultation to analyze your real estate needs to come to a win-win decision.
  4. Assist in light business and commercial leasing.
  5. Sell and list income properties, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more units.
  6. Sell and list motels, hotels, lodges.
  7. Sell and list light industrial condo and warehouses.
  8. Sell and lists vineyards, agriculture and acreage properties.
  9. Assistance with rental properties and provide rental agreement forms.

Take advantage of the lowest interest rates and lower property values before they go back up!!! This might be the only opportunity so you have to act fast.

Call me at any time for no obligation consultation. You may contact me directly at 408-398-1901 or send me an email at jsteininger.durward@hotmail.com.